• May 16, 2022

Things To Dive Into Before Jumpstarting Your IGTV Marketing

For more than a year you have been hearing about IGTV as a new successor among the video marketing strategies. Don’t you? However, is all its popularity superficial or do you think Instagram TV can actually help you with gaining more reach and engagement for real? Before jumping on the bandwagon, you should first learn how to sell your brand in the best way on this newly emerged video marketing platform so you can make the most of the opportunity. 

Since nobody there in the e-commerce business would mind admitting that video marketing seems to bring much more to the table compared to other tactics. You should figure out your own if Instagram TV can be that video marketing strategy for your business to rely on. And if you find so, you may also consider buying Instagram reels views and comments to uplift your brand’s visibility. 

Let’s get to learn more about IGTV and its role as a video marketing tool. 

IGTV: What Exactly It Is?

Instead of making landscape videos (as we are used to watching on YouTube), IGTV has got you a more mobile-friendly option to work with. You can now make vertical (portrait style), long-form videos using it. Since people do not usually keep their screen rotation settings on, these vertical videos are more convenient for them to stop by and watch them. It’s also revealed during research that a significant audience scrolls down the videos if they have to make changes to their current mobile settings. Furthermore, by default, when IGTV videos play, the sound is turned off. So the video creator has to be smart enough to deliver the message even without forcing the viewer to turn its sound on. This can be achieved by using captions, popup text, etc. in the videos. 

Does Your Business Need IGTV To Grow?

Undoubtedly, video content has now become the most anticipated form of sharing content online to catch the attention of your audience. There is also a versatility allowing you to create videos on several topics as long as they can fully resonate with your target audience. Though these seemingly infinite benefits of using IGTV may lure you to practice online marketing through it, however, if you do not have enough skills, you may end up getting no benefit at all. IGTV video marketing can certainly scale up your e-commerce business, however, you should first know how well it can be used for the purpose. 

  1. Entice Your Audience With Video Series

You probably knew that IGTV has introduced an interesting feature of the IGTV video series. To make use of it, you have to pick up a theme that can trigger the audience to engage in your videos. With a series of videos, you can schedule consistent posting on your IGTV and attract more traffic. 

  1. Use BTS To Gain Customer Trust

You’ll surely agree if we say customer trust is the highest of all virtues a brand always aims to win. You can have the advantage of IGTV videos to share BTS from your production house, warehouse, etc. to demonstrate how diligent and professional you are. 

  1. Share Tutorials To Demonstrate

How are you supposed to sell your products/services when your customer isn’t clear about your brand’s story and purpose. You should make comprehensive how-to videos to demonstrate the use of your product/service. 

  1. Event Broadcasting

During and after the pandemic, it’s not the same for everyone to go and participate in live events. Hence, you may avail this opportunity to broadcast an event and allow people to attend virtually. It’ll at least facilitate engagement. 


On a concluding note, we would like to ask you to install IGTV and start working to boost your consumer base if you do not have it yet. And if you already have it, you should be looking for innovative ideas to keep up with a good social media representation. After all, how you present yourself in your IGTV videos is going to talk a lot about you. You can also opt for the best site to buy Instagram reels views and boost engagement

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