What will the year 2021 look like? Bill Gates expressed his opinion

What will the year 2021 look like? Bill Gates expressed his opinion

What will the year 2021 look like? Bill Gates expressed his opinion

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has compiled a list of reasons why 2021 will be better than 2020.

According to the international website, Microsoft founder Bill Gates is accustomed to compile a list of this year’s positive developments at the end of each year. He has compiled a similar list in 2020, but this time instead of positive progress this year, the reasons for 2021 are much better.

Bill Gates started his list with the message that 2021 will be better than this year. He began his article with the rapid development of coronavirus vaccines.

Bill Gates wrote that humans have not made as much progress against any disease in a year as we have seen against Code 19 this year. It usually takes many years to develop a vaccine, but this time a year. Many vaccines were developed in less than a year.

He wrote that 100% of the people are not following the measures like face mask and social distance, but the majority have taken these precautions. It is hoped that maintaining these measures will save lives by slowing the spread of the virus for the duration of vaccine delivery.

Earlier this year, Bill Gates announced plans to invest billions of dollars in vaccine development. Now he says that the development of two good vaccines indicates that other vaccines will also be successful.

He wrote that various companies are pursuing different strategies for vaccines, so there is a strong possibility that some of them will be safe and effective, there are still 2 vaccines to come and more to come. ۔

He said several steps have been taken to work together for global economic threats. According to him, in some places their country was given priority, such as in the United States or Germany, but other countries formed the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation, for which several governments and our institution provided funding.

Bill Gates said he was looking at a few reasons for optimism as deals were being struck involving pharmaceutical companies.

“Under normal circumstances, such deals are unthinkable. It’s like Ford offering Honda an Accord at one of its factories,” he said.

Bill Gates wrote about the development and supply of vaccines that financial and logistical problems are the biggest challenges, but it is expected that experts will work and provide strategies in this regard and rich countries will help poor countries.

Referring to people’s suspicions about vaccines, he wrote that conspiracy theories about vaccines will not help, but credible leaders, politicians, scientists and doctors will help allay people’s suspicions.

Bill Gates expressed gratitude for the treatment of Code 19. He wrote that another challenge, like vaccines, would be the preparation and delivery of treatments.

According to him, to overcome this problem, our company has entered into a second source agreement with Fuji Film, which will manufacture antibodies made by Eli Lilly, these doses will be provided to poor and middle countries at low cost.

Bill Gates said that the days of queuing for the Code 19 test will soon be over. Referring to the progress made in this regard, he said that in recent days, the United States has approved the first code test that can be done at home and its samples do not need to be sent to the laboratory.

Bill Gates added: “One of the things I’m happy about, and I’m wrong about, is that the Code will be a catastrophic epidemic for 19 poor countries. In fact, the cases and deaths in Africa are lower than in the United States and Europe.”

He said that the world has fought this epidemic together and this indicates that the world will be ready for other global challenges as well.

According to Bill Gates, global cooperation is one of the reasons why I think that in the coming year, not only will the epidemic be brought under control, but I believe that the world will be able to take concrete steps against other challenges, such as climate change.

Bill Gates added that he is hopeful that he will be able to continue to work on the issues that are fundamental.

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