• August 1, 2022

TikTok Marketing Strategy; Do’s and Don’ts

When you are amidst the top influential social platforms all at a time, it’s normal to be bewildered about what to choose. After Facebook and YouTube, it’s a time we can see new apps replacing them with their vigorously growing community. Instagram and TikTok are leading them. However, we will stick to TikTok throughout our discussion.

The continuously rising numbers depict that TikTok is gradually turning into the most powerful and potential platform to be conquered by e-commerce businesses. Also, we can see large businesses investing huge capital to buy TikTok followers so their existence and engagement won’t be threatened. Having said that a brand that doesn’t want its name to vanish into thin air should think of a way.

So, here we are sharing our piece of advice and tips to promote your business on TikTok.

Show What’s Going On Behind The Curtains 

You can tell your brand’s story in the most creative way but many people won’t buy it unless you take some action to show what you do behind the curtains.

Here is when BTS videos come into play. It builds your brand’s credibility and shows theauthenticity of your work. 

Emphasize Your Presence

You should keep working on new ideas and create content to maintain viewers’ interest and engagement. People who follow you want to stay updated and hence, keep visiting your profile more often. So, they would expect you to post more frequently and share some valuable stuff.

If you think that excessive posting can affect your content’s quality then it’s better to schedule your posts. This way you can manage both the consistency and quality of your videos. 

Use Existing Trends

Though creating branded hashtags and setting up new trends sounds more professional and authentic, you should begin with existing trends. Since the TikTok algorithm favors posts and videos that appear more popular and engaging, it will leverage your business. You can get your posts showing up on the discovery or for you page and more audience watching it. With this method, there is no need to buy TikTok views after posting anything anymore. 

Effective Timing

Timing and pace of delivery matter everywhere, whether you are narrating a story, telling someone a joke, or creating a video. Keep it too short and see them not getting the message or too long and they will lose interest.

According to specialists, an optimum video duration for TikTok is 20 to 35 seconds. If you successfully draw attention in this time frame, congratulations as you have managed to retain them longer. 

Add Your Location

Adding location particularly helps you attract local buyers resulting in increased visits to your brick-and-mortar store as well. Your potential customers will be able to find you more easily.It also develops a sense of security and the customers find you more reliable, authentic, and accessible.

Once your merchandise becomes popular in the local market, you can easily upsell them on other products or services you offer. 

Partner with other Creators

It’s just another tactic to endorse your credibility. However, you have to make sure that you are approaching the right person for this purpose. Never consider joining hands with someone just because they have many followers.

You must look for creators who are creative, committed, and knowledgeable. Besides that, who follows them, what niche they are talking about the most, and how they can help you with what you need. 


We have covered almost everything you can do to increase your engagement and sales. We hope that you will take advantage of these tips and use them for good purposes.

June Craig

E-mail : info@theargentbeauty.com