The Saudi Interior Ministry beheaded a Saudi citizen

The Saudi Interior Ministry beheaded a Saudi citizen

The Saudi Interior Ministry beheaded a Saudi citizen

A Saudi citizen has been beheaded in Saudi Arabia. Abdullah bin Manahi al-Dusri, a Saudi citizen, shot and killed his compatriot Faraj bin Hamad al-Dusri during an altercation and escaped. However, police arrested him after tracing him. After which he was tried in the Shariah court on the charge of murder.

The court sentenced the accused to be beheaded in accordance with Islamic law. The accused first appealed against this decision in the Supreme Court, which was rejected and a royal decree was issued. It should be noted that a few days ago, a Saudi woman was sentenced to death for ambushing her husband along with her acquaintances, following which the woman and her partner were beheaded.

According to the details, the Saudi woman had an illicit affair with a Syrian citizen, after which she tortured and killed her husband to get him out of the way. Abdullah Musa, the convict, and Fadia, the victim’s wife, were arrested by police on suspicion of killing Ibrahim bin Abdulaziz bin Abdullah by deception. The accused had described the murder as accidental death.

However, the police investigation revealed that the late Ibrahim bin Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al Ghassan was subjected to excessive violence, after which the woman was interrogated and confessed to her heinous crime. Fadia bint Hassan bin Tawfiq al-Qala, the wife of the late Ibrahim bin Abdul Aziz, said that her relationship with her husband was strained. He later became associated with a Syrian, Sardar Abdullah al-Musa.

Husband became suspicious of her, she planned to take Abraham out of the way to continue their color rallies. On the day of the incident, the accused Sardar brutally tortured Ibrahim, which he did not tolerate and he passed away. The incident took place in the city of Al-Barida. The woman and her acquaintance were charged with murder. The accused had pleaded guilty in the court after which they were sentenced to death on November 25, 2020.

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