Shlomo Zalman Bregman Talks Turning Inspiration Into Action

Shlomo Zalman Bregman Talks Turning Inspiration Into Action

Shlomo Zalman Bregman Speaking And Inspiring For Action

With the 2021 New Year recently upon us, many of us found ourselves feeling inspired and seeking to make changes in our lives – whether financially, in our relationships, our health habits, or in our spirituality.

Unfortunately, as genuinely inspired as we may feel as the calendar rolls to a new year, many of us soon become disillusioned and abandon our newfound passion for additional commitments.

We might say: “Wait a minute — we’re already about one month into the new year, and I already haven’t kept up with my new plans and good intentions!”

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Without a doubt, the ability to turn one’s inspiration into action is one of the most underrated skills in life, and also one of the brightest lines of demarcation between those who are elite and successful … and everyone else.

The Bible refers to the theme of turning inspiration into action frequently. Exodus 20:15 says, “The people saw and trembled and stood from afar.”

The Kotzker Rebbe explains that this verse is referring to the idea that a person can see a great sight, be spiritually moved or motivated, but have it not change their level or impact their actions whatsoever.

They are able to see, and even tremble, but remain standing “from afar!”

The hallmark of a properly ordered person should be his ability to turn his inspiration into action. All the great winners in life are able to take their zeal, and then combine it with steady and consistent action.

According to the Ramban, the key to turning your inspiration into action is to “turn your desires into a thing.”

By this he means that we must take our inspiration and enthusiasm and commit to something real and tangible, to give it expression that will endure. For without a concrete way to actualize our inspiration, it’s often a matter of mere moments before it will vanish forever.

Where well-intentioned people make their mistake, and fail to turn inspiration into action, is by expressing their commitment to growth in only very general terms.

Without highly-specific, action-oriented commitments, real growth will likely prove elusive.

Anyone committed to improving any aspect of their life should actively pick at least one specific thing upon which they can focus their efforts. An overall attitude of “I’ll be better this year” will accomplish relatively little unless translated into something concrete.

Although well-intentioned motivates are at play, inspiration that is not quickly turned into action can never traverse the vast gap between theoretical improvement and real-life change.

There is good news to be heard in all of this. There are endless concrete commitments that each of us can take on today, without any special knowledge or investment, steps that will bring us closer to actualizing our vast potentials.

As I submit this article for publication, it is still only the month of January. If you entered 2021 saying, “this is the year!” take my words to heart.

You will be armed with a proven strategy, backed by the wisdom of the ancient Sages, that is guaranteed to yield rich returns that last the whole year and beyond.

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