Pay Once and Host Your Videos for Life – A Genius New Deal for Small Businesses

Pay Once and Host Your Videos for Life – A Genius New Deal for Small Businesses

In the past few years, videos have become the most incredible tool for marketing and education. After all, digital marketers and business owners use videos to promote their products, host interviews, webinars, live stream different shows, and much more.

During the lockdowns in different parts of the world due to the pandemic COVID-19, the importance and popularity of videos have grown significantly. The pandemic has shifted businesses to remote work, and videos are an excellent tool for educating and training.

It’s 2020, and it doesn’t matter how you’re using videos in your marketing strategy. Finding the best deal from a video hosting platform in this time of crisis is challenging.

In this article, we’ll tell you about a deal from a video hosting platform, which is the best for small businesses. But before we begin, let’s talk about video hosting and what is video hosting?

What is Video Hosting and Why it’s Important?

So, what is a video hosting, and why is it important? Well, video hosting services give you a storage space where you can store your videos, edit, and playback your videos on the internet. Suppose you’re a business owner or create online courses. In that case, video hosting service is essential because these service providers offer various features such as content protection, video editing tools, customization of video player, and analytics.

Remember that not all video hosting service providers are equal; every video hosting provider will offer different price plans and different features.

Genius New Deal for Small Businesses

As we discussed, it’s a time of crisis, and many businesses have gone broke due to the pandemic. So, small business owners need to choose a video hosting platform wisely. There are hosting service providers that would offer a few videos that you can host per month with their premium plan, and you’ll have to pay if you want to upload an extra video. But there’s a solution!

There is a genius new deal for small businesses that they can avail. All you have to do is pay once, and you can enjoy unlimited video hosting for life. Sounds good? Right? Well, this genius new deal is offered by the Adilo video hosting platform. Adilo is an American-based company, which is new in the business, but they’re offering unlimited video hosting, encoding, and storage with fantastic bandwidth. You don’t have to pay any monthly fee; you can get unlimited video hosting for life with marketing software at a massive discount.

It comes with a variety of features that you’ll love, such as customizing video player according to your brand, real-time analytics for better marketing strategy, and much more.

The Bottom Line!

If you’re a small business owner, you should avail of this offer and save your money. The offer is for life, plus you’ll get unlimited video hosting with marketing software. With this offer, you don’t have to worry about your video hosting needs for life.

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