Joshua Kirshbaum – A successful Businessman

Joshua Kirshbaum – A successful Businessman

Have you ever heard about a guy who started struggling to make his recognition in childhood? In this world, there very few people who spend their life on their goals because they use to think about their aim. They chase their dreams, and it makes their life successful. With most of the people, the story is opposite because they start their practical life after the age of nineteen and this is the time when they start to struggle and learn how to compete in the world. In this age of technology, it is very rare that children start struggling for their goals. It is impossible, you are thinking like this. Is it right?

We are telling the story of 30 years old Joshua Kirshbaum, who is a successful businessman in the age of just twenty-one. It is not fiction because it is a fact about a person who has started struggling the little age of ten years. No doubt, Joshua is born with a special business sense, and he knows how to be successful with the effort and right business strategy. Today, the world knows him as United Nations consultant, New York City Bar Accredited Mediator, conflict zone photographer, and indie producer. For more details about the business owner, you can visit the site

About his unique business sense

With effective business strategies, no one can be a successful business owner. Joshua is born with a brilliant mind, and he used his intelligence to establish his business. No one can say that child of ten years will be a public figure after seven or eight years. Yes, it is true because he started working for local theatre companies at the very young age of about ten years. It is the age when a child is just playing on the ground and enjoying the facilities of life. But, this is a just start of Joshua’s story because he did not take any break. We find him doing his first photography business and expanded many offices across the beautiful region of DC metropolitan at the just age of fourteen years. At the age of 15, he sold his first business for more than four times his founding costs.

Joshua became the partner with local NYC student filmmakers and started up Æ Studios NYC in the age of eighteen years and founded a chain of the innovative student-based film studios. These studios are located in16 different areas of the East coast by 2012. There is no stop in his life because he completed his ÆFocus Projects successfully.

Joshua was invited by Nonviolence International to be the youngest office head in the network, and he served there with his team as Executive Director of the New York office. There, he expanded expand consulting for national movements like wear orange & Black Lives Matter, March for our lives and the woman’s March. We know him today as the owner of the NonviolenceNY Network.

He works for gender rights and supports several non-profit organization with four active programs and a large volunteer base programs spanning nonviolent action training, international disarmament advocacy, sustainable peace and youth leadership empowerment.



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