Celebrities wearing Halloween contact lenses

Celebrities wearing Halloween contact lenses

Halloween is an event full of joy and celebrations. People all over the world celebrate this day with full zeal. Everyone dresses up in a unique costume and makeup to inspire and impress each other. Just like ordinary people, celebrities also spruce up to the best. On every Halloween, celebrities host theme parties where they dress up as some unique character. They focus on their costumes and makeup the most. One noteworthy thing about celebrities Halloween’s look is that their eye color always goes well with their makeup and character. It is so because they choose to wear Halloween contact lenses.

Celebrity Looks

Halloween contact lenses come in many colors. Hence you can go for the most unique and beguiling colors and create a captivating look. In case you have no ideas of your own or want some inspiration, then this post is for you. We have gathered a few super hit celebrities Halloween looks in which the most famous TV and movie stars are wearing popping Halloween contact lenses and acing their looks.

Heidi Klum as Menacing Alien

To create a menacing alien look like Heidi Klum, you need to get yourself a plastic made costume that looks like a skeleton in which your veins, bones, and intestine is visible. Use whiteout contact lenses or sclera lenses with this costume to make your eyes look as if they are popping out. It looks incredible and can help you haunt anyone. This look can make anyone believe that you either came out straight from the grave after a century or you belong to some other planet.

Halloween contact lenses 1

Halima Aden as Maleficent

Halima Aden recreated Maleficent look even better than her. You can create a similar look by donning a black costume. If you are late and don’t have a proper outfit, you can create one for yourself at home. Use a shiny black cloth and wrap it around yourself. After that, incorporate some furs to the collar of your costume. Add a black and golden headgear on top. Don’t worry if you don’t have eyes like her, because Halloween contact lenses are always there for recuse. Use blue, green, white, or sclera contact lenses, and you are all set.

Demi Lovato as Pennywise the Clown

If you are inspired by Pennywise the clown, then your ultimate inspiration is Demi Lovato. Wear a full white gown and throw some fake blood over it. Apply a deep red colour to your nails and wear red or devil contact lenses. These Halloween contact lenses will help you resemble Demi Lovato a lot. But you are not done here yet. Finish your look by painting your face white, red, and black colour.

Kendal Jenner as Forest Fairy

Kendal Jenner is a stunner for sure. Create a forest fairy look like her by donning a golden metallic costume. If you don’t have a metallic costume, you can opt for some other golden glittery mesh midi dress. Accessorize your look with a golden crown and put on brown makeup. Finish off your look with blue, green, or brown contact lenses.

Batman or cat woman like Maya and Liam

Say no more to old and boring outfits on Halloween. Dress up all thrilling and charming this team. Team up with the love of your wife and dress up as Batman and cat woman like Maya Henry and Liam Payne. Wear full black leather costumes and a black face mask. You will look like a power couple if you finish your look by wearing whiteout contact lenses of black sclera contact lenses.

Jenna Dewan as Unicorn

It is totally alright if you don’t want to dress up as fierce and haunting characters this Halloween. You can be a sweet unicorn, like Jenna Dewan, this Halloween. Put on a white costume and colour your hair pink and purple. Put on a light shade of Halloween contact lenses and finish off your look by wearing pink, purple, and silver makeup. Make sure to add a lot of colours and some silver accessories to ace to look.

Halloween contact lenses 2

Padma Lakshmi as Nina from Black Swan

Black is the absolute favourite colour for Halloween eve. You can dress up as Nina from black swan and set the floor on fire. Take some inspiration from Padma Lakshmi and wear a black midi dress with thin stockings and a crown. Paint your face white and wear a bold red lipstick to create a resemblance with Nina. Finish off your look by wearing black Halloween contact lenses.

Katy Perry Cheeto

you can also dress up as your favourite snack on Halloween. Katy Perry dresses up as red Cheetos on a Halloween party. You can also create a similar look by wearing all red costume and red contact lenses. This costume gives a strong message, “you become what you eat.” You can also dress up as any other food item that you love.

Kim Kardashian as Mermaid

Mermaids are pretty famous when it comes to Halloween and other theme parties. You can doll up as a mermaid, just like Kim Kardashian. Wear a blue or green scaly costume and accessorize your look with pearl jewelry. Finish off your look by wearing blue or green Halloween contact lenses. You can change the colour of your costume and eyes according to your mood.

Glam Clown Like Adele

If entertaining people is your thing, then spruce up as a Glam Clown just like Adele. Wear a glittery costume and add some edgy accessories. Go for bright and bold makeup and wear your hair in a frizzy style. Finish off your look with blackout or whiteout contact lenses and celebrate the eve.

Austin and Venessa as Skeleton

Halloween eve is almost incomplete without scaring and pranking someone. So, don’t miss out on the skeleton costume. Opt for a rough, edgy suit or dress and paint your face by drawing some bones on it. To make your look more real, wear full eye white Halloween contact lenses or opt for blackout contact lenses. Austin butler and Venessa Hudgens looked like a powerful when they stepped out in skeleton costume.

Halloween contact lenses are game-changers. They help you recreate any look easily and quickly. So, don’t wait anymore. This Halloween, pick your favorite Halloween contact lenses and spruce up uniquely and stun everyone around you.

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