Best 10 Benefits of Root Canal

Best 10 Benefits of Root Canal

We all have been through toothache once in a while. And we know how painful it is. But having that tooth extracted is not the only solution you are left with. At least not in 2020! With new technologies coming in, the root canal has also taken the place of tooth extraction.

Whether it is tooth decay, toothache, sore tooth, or sensitive tooth, people prefer to go for a root canal rather than getting their tooth removed, not only because it’s painless but offers plenty of benefits.

What is a Root canal?

Root canal, also known as endodontic therapy in medical or dental terms, is an effective treatment for removing the infected pulp from the inside of the teeth. Dentists offer such kind of treatment to patients suffering from tooth decay, inflammation, or severe toothache. During treatment, bacteria are removed from the pulp chamber of the tooth. After the cleaning process, the tooth is filled, or a crown is placed over it to protect it from irritants.

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Benefits of Root Canal Dublin

If you are suffering from a tooth infection, the root canal is an ideal choice for you. Here is why:

Saves the teeth

A natural tooth is 100 times better than an artificial one. Tooth extraction needs the removal of your teeth, which means a gap left between your teeth when you smile. No one wants to destroy his smile, so people go towards an artificial tooth placement. A root canal can protect you from getting a tooth extraction and save your beautiful smile.


Many patients getting a root canal in Dublin have some kind of fear in their mind about pain and discomfort due to all those rumors we hear about root canal every other day. But when done right, this therapy is not painful at all. Unlike tooth extraction, you will not have pain during or after the treatment.

Enhances Oral health 

Root canal disinfects your teeth and ensures that they are entirely clean now. It maintains good hygiene of your mouth and prevents future tooth decay, which enhances oral health. And good oral health can boost your immunity—prevent bacteria from entering the body via your mouth.

Prevents degeneration of Jawbone

A missing tooth can lead to degeneration of the jawbone with time, which leaves a significant impact on your face structure. As the root canal saves you from losing teeth, it ultimately saves you from the degeneration of the jawbone. It helps you preserve your face cut by keeping your jawbone intact.

Provide aesthetic

When a tooth infection is treated with root canal therapy, the tooth is sealed with a tooth colored filling or crown that provides aesthetic to your teeth. Bacteria buildup can cause discoloration of teeth, turning them into yellow or even black. Crowns are phenomenal in hiding the discoloration and regaining a bright smile.

Cost efficient 

If you compare a single sitting of a tooth extraction with a root canal, you might end up wondering that tooth extraction is an affordable choice. But in reality, tooth extraction doesn’t need a single sitting. You have to follow up with a treatment plan that includes several appointments. And if you add all these expenses, you’ll get to know that a root canal can save both your time and money.

Get back to normal life

The best advantage of this treatment is, after having it, you can get back to your normal life. You can continue eating as before. Root canals restore the function of your teeth; you can chew whatever you want. There is no restriction on you—you can enjoy your favorite ice cream. Also, you can walk away with confidence in having your natural teeth. It will relieve your pain that was caused by tooth decay so you can get back to your everyday life.

How to get prepared for Root Canal Dublin?

If you are getting your root canal done for the first time, don’t panic. The root canal in Dublin is so comfortable and painless when you have the right dentist with you. Here are a few guidelines you must follow:

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Have a good night’s sleep

You might be anxious about your tomorrow’s treatment, but there’s no need to have a nightmare. Relax and take a good rest. Quick healing demands peace of mind.

Eat something healthy

As anesthesia will be injected into your gums to make them numb, make sure you eat something sufficiently healthy that will provide you enough energy for a couple of hours. You may not be able to eat for two or three hours after the procedure due to numbness.

Avoid smoking or drinking 

Avoid smoking or drinking at least 24 hours before the procedure. Tobacco and alcohol can react with the anesthetic, leading to a severe condition.

Brush your teeth 

Always brush your teeth before heading towards the dentist’s clinic. This will not only help you maintain your hygiene, but it is favorable for the dentist too.

Take a painkiller

Take ibuprofen, only if your dentist recommends it. Painkillers will not only ease the pain but can prevent swelling from occurring.

Where should I get a Root Canal in Dundrum?

If you want to have a comfortable experience of a root canal in Dundrum, visit us. We assure you painless therapy for your tooth decay. Try us once, and you’ll forget about all those rumors you heard about root canals. Because with the right dentist, you’ll never have an issue of discomfort.

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